Premiere of First Breath

Primer Aliento premiered on February 7, 2020 at Corto y bailo, the dance and video-dance series organized by Camille Cartier in Seville at La Casa Ensambla. First Breath has been created thanks to a residency at the Conservatorio de Danza Profesional Antonio Ruiz Soler (Sevilla), where a tryout was presented in december 2019, during their Semana Cultural.

The premiere was an incredible experience. The event was sold out, so the room was totally filled. During the first minutes into the performance I already felt a really strong connection with the audience, as it was amazingly silent. As if everyone was holding their breath, waiting for me to take my first breath…

I had another presentation of the work coming up in the series of performances called: Sin sentido, muestra de acciones artísticas inclasificables in the Bicicleteria in Sevilla. But this was cancelled due to COVID-19 messures. I hope to be presenting again when lockdown messures have been lifted, and life can resume as normal..