I teach dance workshops for all levels. Flamenco and Dance research classes (Impro Flow)

During advanced flamenco classes I pay attention to technique. In addition, I work on small choreographies where I attach great value to how you communicate clearly with the musicians while dancing, so that eventually you can work on your own. With a focus on the female dance style of the ‘Escuela Sevillana’ in which the use of extra elements such as castagnettes, manton, abanico, baston and bata the cola can form a part.

During beginner’s flamenco classes experience is not necessary. I pay attention to the different flamenco rhythms, the typical flamenco arm and hand movements, foot rhythms, clapping, and listening and enjoying the beautiful flamenco music.

If desired, I will give a presentation about flamenco in which I provide background information. I’ll tell you about the origins of flamenco, and I’ll focus on how to look at flamenco. I support this with video’s and examples from practice.

I also teach dance research classes (Impro Flow classes). In which I focus on finding your own movement qualities from improvisation. For these classes no dance experience is needed. We start with breathing exercises after which we gradually start to connect with our bodies and our natural movements through guided exercises. The aim is to eventually let the movements flow so that you can connect with your body and your emotions through movement.

Please don’t hesitate to contact met about classes or workshops.

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