Iris Victoria Dekker

Flamenco Academy

I am a graduate of the flamencoacademy Fundacion Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco in Sevilla, where I studied under the inspired guidence of meastros such as Milagros Menjibar, Luisa Palicio and Javier Baron. Are you interested in dancing flamenco? Don’t hesitate to contact me. 


I perform regularly inside and outside Sevilla. Performing and making new dances; creating something with a flamenco guitarist and singer is what gives me the most inspiration. Are you interested in seeing me perform or  do you want to book me for a performance please contact me. 

tours and workshops

I also give danceclasses and provide flamencotours or presentations. I love sharing my passion, skills and knowledge about flamenco with people. Are you interested in a flamenco danceclass or do you want to have a look behind the scenes of flamenco during a tour or presentation? Don’t hesitate to contact me. 


a little about..


Over mij

My name is Iris Victoria Dekker. I have been dancing my whole life. At the age of 4 my mother send me to ballet class. I still remember my first ballet performance vividly. I was a white paintcan and I wa suposed to twirl around my dance teacher. I loved it. In my white dress I passed by all the neighbours to show them how beautifull I was. That’s when my love for dancing started…

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