‘I have been dancing my whole life. At the age of 4 my mother send me to ballet class. I still remember my first ballet performance vividly. I was a white paint can and I was supposed to twirl around my dance teacher. I loved it. In my white dress I passed by all the neighbours to show them how beautiful I was. That’s when my love for dancing started…’

 Iris Dekker (1987, The Netherlands) finished her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Amsterdam in 2010 with a degree in Theatre Studies. During her studies she focussed more on dance, participating in exchanges offered by the School of New Dance Development (SNDO) at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Iris also spent 8 months in Oslo, studying a minor at master level on playwright Henrik Ibsen. After finishing her university degree Iris worked for 4 years as a TV editor for Dutch television production company TV Holland, creating television shows for Dutch television. In 2014 Iris left Holland behind and moved to Seville, Spain to study dance full time at the flamenco academy Fundación Cristina Heeren. She studied here under the daily guidance of great maestros for 3 years, for which the last year she received a scholarship. Iris continues to dance flamenco and regularly performs and teaches inside and outside of Spain. She has an educational flamenco project called Microflamenco that she performs at international universities and schools in Seville. In recent years Iris has moved more towards the contemporary side of flamenco and dance in general, studying with, amongst others, Natalia Jiménez and Juan Carlos Lérida. She has been going back into theatre studies following dramaturgy courses with Alberto Cortés. Iris has since taken care of the dramaturgy for the new performance of Noemi Luz, called Life, Melvin is a fish. She recently premiered her contemporary dance performance and screendance First Breath, for which she worked with Sound Designer Jose Tome and cinematographer Adam Newby. Her new screendance Relativity will be released soon.

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