Wanneer tijd en ruimte relatief zijn kan het alledaagse heilig worden.

“Time is an illusion”
“Nothing happens until something moves”
– Albert Einstein

When our world shrinks and collapses in on itself, our perception compresses. Our sense of scale contracts, so that everyday details expand in size, and time dilates. How do I know time is passing when everything I used to have that marked its advance has disappeared? Is it passing fast or slow or going into reverse? How can I think about the future when all I see is a blank page? How can I think about the past when it seems to me like a dream?

You’re so close to me I can’t see you. You occupy my whole field of view and I can’t tell where you end and I begin. I see others decomposed into pixels, samples, electrons, photons, light streaming down fibres. I move fast. I move slow. Time shifts, stretches, folds and curves, but never stops.

Een samenwerking vanuit huis tussen:

Ideeën/regie/ dans: Iris Dekker

Camera: Adam Newby

Muziek: Gareth Kirby (artiestennaam: Elsewhere)

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