A Little about the dancer


My name is Iris Victoria Dekker. I have been dancing my whole life. At the age of 4 my mother send me to ballet class. I still remember my first ballet performance vividly. I was a white paintcan and I wa suposed to twirl around my dance teacher. I loved it. In my white dress I passed by all the neighbours to show them how beautifull I was. That’s when my love for dancing started…

I have studied fulltime for 2,5 years at the renowned flamenco acadamy Fundacion Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco. In 2015 I was rewarded with a scholarship from this same academy to continue studying. The meastro’s that have inspired and guided me daily at the academy have been (amongst others) Milagros Menjibar, Javier Baron and Luisa Palicio. Now I’m regularly attending workshops and masterclasses of other teachers in Sevilla such as Urzula Lopez, Andres Marin, Carmen Ledesma, Leonor Leal, Irene La Sentio and La Lupi. I have accompanied the guitar classes of guitar maestro Paco Cortes with dance and I regularly attend the singing classes for dancers of Patricia Lozano and Rosi Navarro Villanueva. Right now I am attending the classes of Alicia Marquez in her danceschool.

I am continuously working on different projects and am regularly performing inside and outside Sevilla. I just finished my own flamenco performance called MICROFLAMENCO with which i regularly perform.

Next to dancing I also teach flamenco dance classes in Sevilla and Holland and guide Flamenco tours in Sevilla where I provide tourists with a look behind the scenes of the flamenco world in Sevilla.